Current Work

I hope they bring some joy

Darryl Bayliss
, in 07 March 2015

Hi everyone,

First thing I’m going to do is detail some projects I currently have in the works. Some just to sate my own curiosity, others I’m hoping may pan out to gain some traction on that crazy hype train that is the Internet. Ultimately I hope they bring some joy or manage to help somebody out.

My first project is called Sway. I was looking for a one page web template for a game or product and I didn’t really like the look of what I found. They just seemed to complicate things or didn’t really have the features I wanted.

Doing a little bit of research I found a landing page design made by Emmy Jonassen, the Indie Game Girl. She has some brilliant material on her website, check it out here.

A week or later with my favourite web editor Coda and I finally had what I would call v0.1 out on GitHub. You can check it out here. Feel free to let me know what you think so far.

My second project is a Unity is a game I am working on. I’ve yet to give it a name but the tagline I’m working with is The Original MOBA.

I’m trying to harken back to the days of Bomberman on the Nintendo 64. Days where you would be running around different arenas, trying to throw bombs at each other. This one may take a little while to get going. I’ll update you on how this goes soon.

Thats everything I have so far, I hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to comment on anything I’ve said.

Until next time.