Coding By Not Coding

Away from the keyboard

Darryl Bayliss
, in 14 April 2016


One of the apps I use everyday is an app called Balanced. It’s a way for me to be reminded of the things I want to do in life, writing this blog post for instance. Even with a useful app like Balanced, I can find it difficult to make the time to do something enjoyable away from the keyboard without feeling some sort of guilt.

Taking the time to think about it. It’s a pretty odd sensation when you feel you need to be in front of a screen to be at ease but it’s something more and more people experience everyday. I often wonder how many people take the time to consider this or do they feel it’s part of modern day life.

As a Software Engineer it can be pretty paradoxical to consider these things. My line of work is to build software that runs on these portable devices people spend so much time on, of course I want people to spend time using my software because it means I’ve made something meaningful for them.

Meaningful Software

To me meaningful software is something that conjures emotion when you use it. A great app that caught me off guard when I first used it was Pause. Conceptually simple yet an experience that stirs something deep inside like you’ve been to another world.

I guess in a way the ideas of Pause did come from another world, the physical world our bodies inhabit, made by people who gained inspiration from observing practisers of Tai Chi and infusing those ideas into the digital world for our occupied minds to enjoy.

I know a lot of great people who spend a lot of time in the physical world with their minds, and it shows when they put their talents into creating something digital. I often wonder in the day to day of a Software Engineer would spending more time experiencing things and living life more in the present would help create a better version of the products they work on. Products that are more likely to evoke emotion in their users.

Am I talking nonsense? Who can say…